Boston Towing & Transportation

Boston Towing & Transportation (BTT) is a division of the Reinauer Transportation Companies. As far back as 1857 and “T Wharf Towing” we trace our lineage to today’s modern fleet of powerful and well maintained harbor assist, general towing and offshore support and rescue tugs. Our office and Piers located at 404 Border Street in East Boston allow strategic access to the busiest area of the Harbor. This property, steeped in maritime history, once served the great Clipper Ship architect Donald McKay as he built the Flying Cloud and Sovereign of the Seas.

BTT is a multi-service, marine transportation company. Our core business, ship docking and general towing, provides the Port of Boston with exceptionally high end tug assistance to both commercial and Government vessels. Through close partnerships with our customers we have developed a safe and highly reliable operation.

Today’s ship assist and general towing business is not the same as our predecessors. With today’s regulations, inspections and compliance requirements BTT follows much of the Reinauer risk management program as it relates to our business. With constant support and guidance from our corporate office, our crews and shoreside management meet the strenuous demands of both our Government and Commercial partners. BTT enjoys an exceptional safety record recognized and appreciated by our customers.

Boston Towing & Transportation’s fleet consists of 8 tugs which include 4 new ASD tractor’s providing ship docking and escort work in the Massachusetts Bay area. With an aggressive fleet renewal program and a 40 year unbroken relationship with the longest continually operating LNG import terminal in the US, we built tractor tugs “Freedom” and “Liberty” shortly after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. These 2 tugs were designed and equipped to assist in the day to day docking and undocking of LNG Tankers as well as respond to any emergency situation required. Foresight and planning came to the rescue in 2008 as Freedom and Liberty, called upon during a February storm, successfully responded to an emergency request to assist an LNG tanker which had lost all power and was drifting towards the dangers of Cultivator Shoals and Georges Banks. This incident was instrumental in the planning and building of our next generation of ASD tractors. Delivered in 2009, “Justice” and “Independence” added an unprecedented offshore rescue capability to the New England area. Today our fleet is the most modern and powerful (30,000 HP total) fleet in the area.